2016 Newsletters Archive

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December 2016

The 12 Days of Christmas Wassailing Traditions
Stay Warm This Winter with Merino Wool
Helpful Hints
2016 Year- End Financial Actions
It Happened in December
Tips to Handle Holiday Conflict and Stress

November 2016

Your Best Teacher Is Your Last Mistake
Switching Banks, Step By Step
Turkey Trivia Quiz
The Benefits of Volunteer Work
It Happened in November
Getting a Jump on Holiday Shopping

October 2016

Happy Halloween!
Simple technique to STOP ANXIETY and STRESS fast
Are You Walking Correctly?
Bourbon-Glazed Salmon
Do You Have Seasonal Depression?
It Happened in October
Rediscover Childhood Art Forms as Therapy

September 2016

Get Ready For Winter
Labor Day: Salute The American Workforce
Want to Save More For Retirement? P-L-A-N
The Health Benefits of Eating Coconut
It Happened in September
One Simple Tip To Lose Weight

August 2016

The Dog Days of Summer and the Dog Star
Don’t let ANTs (Automatic Negative Thoughts) Wreck Your Day
IRS Warns Tax Scams Are On The Rise
Peaches in Season
Tips for Staying Cool in Summertime Heat
It Happened in August

July 2016

Independence Day Celebrations
If The Shoe Fits
Medicare Considerations Working Past 65
Help Your Patio Pots and Planters Thrive
New Presidential Park To Be Built

June 2016

Summer Grilling
Celebrating Father’s Day
Are You Getting Enough Vitamin N?
Out-of-the-Ordinary Eggs
When Was the Last Time You Looked At Your Life Insurance Policy?
Summer 2016 Travel Forecast
Mosquito Combat

May 2016

Celebrating Mother’s Day
Should You Check Your Home For Radon?
Some Surprising Causes of Back Pain
Beware the Obamacare Penalty Scam
Why Sardines Are So Healthy
Easy Ways to Save on Home Energy

April 2016

Tulips: April’s Flowers
Health benefits of Pecans
Celebrate National Volunteer Month
Historical Outlook April 6th, 1896
Eating In Season: April Fruits & Veggies
April Checklist
What is Your Economic Anxiety Level?

March 2016

March: Spring Allergens Are in The Air
March Gardening Checklist
Protect Your Vision
Brain Building Exercises
The Pros and Cons of Owning Gold
March Checklist
What is Your Retirement IQ?

February 2016

February: Celebrate Heart Month
How-to Guide: Speed Interval Walking
Walk Your Way To A Healthier Heart
Recipe: Berries with Chocolate Ganache
Want to Live Longer? Give a Little More Love
February Home Care Checklist
Market Turbulence in China: What Does It Mean For You?

January 2016

Making Your New Year's Resolution Stick
Are You Getting Serious About Becoming More Healthy In 2016? You’re Not Alone.
Recipe: Home Made, Decadent & Delicious Dark Hot Chocolate
Drink a Cup of Dark Hot Chocolate Daily for Winter Warmth and Health Benefits
January Health Care Checklist
Social Security Changes Coming In 2016: Have You Verified Your Records?


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